Pusle pur stellepute, seabreeze beige, Sebra

Helt fantastisk stellematte. Med høyere kanter, i mykt og støtsikkert materiale - gjør den stellingen til en lek! Kan vaskes av med såpe og vann, og antibac (70%)

PrisNOK1 249,00 inkl. mva.


Make nappy changes a more enjoyable experience with the Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat – seen here in the Seabreeze Beige. Made of soft and shock-absorbing material.

The Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat has a Nordic and timeless look, and thanks to its soft and water-repellent surface, it’s also easy to clean. An extra bonus is that you can also bring the mat into the shower with you.

The baby’s nest-like shape with a high edge will help prevent your baby from rolling down off the mat. The soft edges also ensure that the active child who moves around during nappy changes will not hit their head against the back wall or the edge of the changing unit.

The Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat can be cleaned with soap or water, but can also be sprayed with up to 70% alcohol.

The Sebra PUSLE PUR changing mat is made from moulded PUR (polyurethane). PUR is a shock-absorbing material that can withstand high loads and has a very high wear resistance.